We are so delighted you are considering our amazing Professional Tooth Whitening offer*.

But that’s not all, take up this offer and get whitening top ups for as long as you remain our patient FREE OF CHARGE*.

All we ask is that you see us for routine check-ups and cleaning regularly and show us the courtesy of advising us if you can't make an appointment with good notice and we'll help you to keep your smile bright & healthy.             

*Subject to our terms & conditions.



Is this a genuine offer?

Yes, this is exactly the same type of whitening system that many dental practices charge well over £600 for. 

Subject to terms and conditions, we will provide registrants for this offer with ongoing FREE TOP-UPs, something you would normally be required to pay for.

Are there any upfront fees or hidden charges?

We ask all patients to pay a deposit of £75 at the time of booking.

This fee is non-refundable if patients fail to attend their appointment. This covers us for any wasted time.

All patients are required to have a dental examination and may require x-rays. These items are chargeable.

After examining your mouth and deeming it fit and healthy dental moulds will be taken to order you a tooth whitening kit and a balance of fees will be charged.

Another appointment will then be booked to issue you your tooth whitening kit approximately one week later to show you precisely how to use your kit and to test your teeth for an hour with a high concentration (in-surgery use only) beaching agent to ‘kick-start’ your tooth whitening.

IMPORTANT please read below for our policy should our dentists discover serious dental issues during your examination.


Who are you & why should I see you?

Our dental practice was featured for many years on the TV Show ‘Extreme Makeover UK’.

You can watch episodes of our team at work and their professional caring manner by clicking here.

Our dentists have worked in Harley Street and taught internationally all levels of Reconstructive, Implant, Restorative, Occlusal Disorder as well as Cosmetic Dentistry.

You can read more about our dental team by clicking here.


How can you offer this so cheaply?

We produce the most important components for this system in house so we can pass the savings on to you.

We buy the same whitening agents used in expensive branded products direct from the manufacturers and don’t pass on the costs of branded packaging and brand marketing to our patients.

This policy saves you hundreds of pounds!


What is the system?

The tooth whitening system we recommend is known as ‘Deep BleachingTM’.

It is acknowledged by the majority of dentists as the safest and most efficient method of sustained tooth whitening. You can learn more about Deep BleachingTM at our information page on tooth whitening which also compares the results with alternative systems like ‘Zoom WhiteningTM’.


Is this the same as tooth whitening I've been offered by my hairdresser or beauty salon?

Unless a Dentist is working there it is highly unlikely that this will be the same treatment. 

Beauty therapists and hairdressers will not have access to it or be able to competently advise you.

By law only dentists or dental hygienists, therapists & qualified dental nurses acting under the prescription of a dentist who has examined your mouth can provide teeth whitening. 

The law exists for your safety. Non-dentists may not recognise or even check for pre-existing oral conditions that would put you, your teeth or your mouth at risk of long term damage from tooth whitening agents.

It is of course every individuals right to put themselves at risk but would you let your local plumber give you a heart bypass? Or to put it even more simply; Would you trust a Dentist to cut your hair? You wouldn't would you, not even if he offered to do it for free! You just wouldn't risk it. So why would you risk the health of your teeth? Remember if something goes wrong a hairdresser or beauty therapist will not be able to help you and you'll end up at a dentist's office anyway... and end up spending far more in the long run!


What does the procedure involve?

Custom made 'Deep BleachingTM' trays are made to fit over your teeth. These will only fit your mouth.  

Our recommended tooth whitening gel is applied to the inside of these trays and slipped over your teeth.

Our dentists will use high a concentration gel to get you started and prescribe a milder gel for use at home.

Follow our custom and unique instructions & this system will provide safe & effective whitening of your teeth. 


Is the system guaranteed to work?

The system works but results can vary.  Every tooth is unique and every client is unique. How one person follows the instructions and the starting condition of their teeth are variables beyond our control. 

The whitening effect is steady and gradual, however the end result is a far deeper whitening than the superficial effect typically seen with light-activated whitening systems.

You’ll receive approximately two weeks worth of applications of low concentration home use bleaching gel.

Because the effect is slow you may not be able to notice on a day by day basis the gradual change in whiteness occurring. Over the entire duration of the whitening course however the teeth will change. 

Because of the gradual use of low concentration whitening agents it is less likely to cause issues of sensitivity, or long lasting or irreversible damage to the nerves in your teeth but you must follow our instructions.

It is impossible to guarantee or predict how white individual teeth will go.


How long will the effect last?

No bleaching effect is permanent.

Teeth begin to gradually return to their original colour whenever you stop whitening them.

The rate at which they will lose the whiteness varies from person to person. This is why we recommend topping-up the treatment periodically. Take up our fantastic offer and you won’t have to worry.

If you comply with our terms & conditions you’ll be provided ongoing whitening top-ups FREE OF CHARGE.


Is whitening safe & will I get sensitivity?

All whitening systems rely upon the effect of bleaching agents to brighten the colour of the teeth. What varies is the way the bleaching agent is applied, the concentration of those agents, how they are activated and the duration of those applications. The higher the concentration of the bleaching agent and the longer it remains applied to the teeth the brighter they will get. However, bleaching agents are irritant to living tissues and your teeth contain live nerves. If bleaching is over done or applied at too high concentrations for too long a time the nerves in teeth can become irritated and sensitive, sometimes irreversibly.

You will be given our recommended tooth whitening gel and full written instructions uniquely devised by us to follow. If you stick to our unique instructions, specially designed to avoid all complications, this system can provide a safe and effective means of whitening your teeth with minimal sensitivity if any.

If you have existing sensitivity, receded gums, exposed dentine, exposed roots, recently cracked teeth, open cavities, leaking fillings, or other dental conditions that can lead to increased sensitivity or allow penetration of the bleaching agent closer to the nerves in your teeth they will be at greater risk of experiencing pain or sensitivity. It is for this reason we will examine your mouth before providing you with a tooth whitening kit.

If we discover such conditions with your teeth you will be advised. Should you wish to have any recommended pre-whitening treatment done elsewhere you will only be charged our standard consultation fee.


Will my gums, lips or cheeks be affected?

If the whitening agents get inadvertently in contact with these tissues for prolonged periods then they can become blanched, inflamed or burned. However, if washed thoroughly of all bleaching agent these tissues are very quick to recover and the effects are usually gone within a day or so. When using the low concentration bleaching agents our dentists will supply you and if you follow our unique specially designed instructions such effects are rarely seen if at all. Such effects tend to be seen most often with the extremely high concentration agents used with light-activated tooth whitening systems like Zoom WhiteningTM.


Can anyone register for this offer?

Anyone over 18 years of age, not pregnant who agrees to our terms and conditions can apply.

*Click here for further important terms & conditions.

Dr Ahlowalia offers cosmetic dentistry including porcelain laminate veneers & white fillings, general dentistry including dental crowns, CEREC same day crowns, dental bridgework & dental implants. He is a 6 Month Smiles, Clearstep & Invisalign registered orthodontist and a tutor of Functional Dentistry, TMJ & TMD bite disorders for two American dental institutes. Dr Ahlowalia has been featured performing smile makeovers and full mouth rehabilitations for the Extreme Makeover UK television show and is a renowned facial aesthetician offering anti wrinkle treatments using Botox and facial rejuvenating dermal and lip fillers for comprehensive facial aesthetics.

Dr Ahlowalia’s practice is located in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire and is just 35 minutes by train from Central London.

His dental practice serves Biggleswade and the surrounding cities and towns, including; Bedford, St. Albans, Cambridge, Hitchin, Letchworth, Stevenage, Sandy, Hertford, Royston, Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City & St. Neots.

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