We truly believe that a smile is the one feature that influences attractiveness the most.

No amount of botox, wrinkle fillers, facelift or lipo suction can help hide an ugly smile. The moment we open your mouth to speak the game is up. But take a quick look at our gallery and you’ll see what an incredible impact a well designed smile makeover can have all by itself.

Can you imagine any cosmetic surgery TV show participant being ‘finished’ without a smile makeover?

Dr Ahlowalia knows only too well after years transforming smiles for the Extreme Makeover UK TV show.

The ugly truth is we are by nature quite judgemental of people with unattractive smiles. We find them, even if only at a subconscious level, less hygienic, less healthy, less intelligent and less attractive.

Doesn’t it make sense that a smile makeover would make you look more hygienic, more healthy, more intelligent and more attractive. Well the evidence from psychologists would seem to agree.

Take a look at this fascinating article by Professor of Psychology, Tim Newton, then call or e-mail to arrange a no obligation consult with Dr Ahlowalia to find how you could have your smile transformed.

Dr Ahlowalia offers cosmetic dentistry including porcelain laminate veneers & white fillings, general dentistry including dental crowns, CEREC same day crowns, dental bridgework & dental implants. He is a 6 Month Smiles, Clearstep & Invisalign registered orthodontist and a tutor of Functional Dentistry, TMJ & TMD bite disorders for two American dental institutes. Dr Ahlowalia has been featured performing smile makeovers and full mouth rehabilitations for the Extreme Makeover UK television show and is a renowned facial aesthetician offering anti wrinkle treatments using Botox and facial rejuvenating dermal and lip fillers for comprehensive facial aesthetics.

Dr Ahlowalia’s practice is located in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire and is just 35 minutes by train from Central London.

His dental practice serves Biggleswade and the surrounding cities and towns, including; Bedford, St. Albans, Cambridge, Hitchin, Letchworth, Stevenage, Sandy, Hertford, Royston, Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City & St. Neots.

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